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Client Testimonials

” I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! YOU have to do this! If you are a t-shirt junkie like me, or have to clear out space, DO IT!” – Janet

“The black & white blanket is on my bed & I am just smiling as I look at it. Just wanted to say thank you again for the attention to detail – I feel like it’s a real work of art with my life’s history! Fantastic!” – Beverly

“The blankets were a huge success on Mother’s Day, thank you for your advice & expertise!” – Marty

“Hi Marty, Thanks so much for the beautiful gift for Irwin & me. It took a lot of thinking & caring for you to have that blanket put together, & it is very personal & loving for you to have it made for us. We hope to wrap it around us when we need warmth & feel the love that you showed in making it. Thanks so much for a very special gift. Love, Mom & Irwin”

“I love it!!!!!! I am sure you will hear from me again!” – Debra

“I have four words…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! You did such an awesome job!!! I can’t thank you enough for putting this together for me.”- Dawn

“She LOVED the blanket so much, she was grinning FOREVER!” – Karola

“Again, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job you did on my son’s blanket. He loved it! All his friends are so jealous & upset that their parents got rid of their shirts when they moved out! Guess it pays to be a packrat!” – Susan

“I just think it is adorable! P.S. Everyone loves the blanket!” – Kathy

“The blanket was a BIG HIT!!! JULIANA LOVED IT!!! All of Julz’s friends want one, it really came out GREAT!!! Thanks sooo much, I am sure I will be in touch for another one…” – Kim

“Brandon LOVES his blanket! Thank you soooo very much. It looks great on his bed & is a good way to lure him home for a weekend in the fall!” – Michelle

“Your blanket was a huge hit! My mom was so thrilled & surprised!!!!! She just loves it!!! Mom can’t wait to show everyone her blanket!” – Paulette

“It is absolutely fabulous. I love it & I know Kevin will too! Can’t wait to give it to him.” – Tara

“My parents came up this weekend with the blanket! IT’S SO AWESOME!!! I LOVE it, & I’ve already gotten so many compliments! Thank you!!!” – Cayla

“I just gave to blanket to Glenn & he LOVED it. It was a bit hit – thanks so much! We have a little place in Vermont and when we packed the car to go up last weekend, Glenn came out with his blanket to take it along. Can a 58 year old man still have a blankey!  Haha!” – Mary Anne

“Jamie loves her & sleeps with it every night! She loves to show it off to friends & family too!” – Katie

“The girls loved their blankets & so did everyone else! Katie even shed a tear when she opened her package. Thank you!” – Andrea

“Sarah loves her blanket! When she is away for the night, I steal the blanket from her bed & use it myself, it’s super comfortable!” – Pat

“Thanks Adriana! The blankets are so precious to me.” – Christy

“I’m going to forward the picture of Ryan’s pillow to my friends so they can see how cute it is!  Ryan LOVED it! Thanks again!” – Kerry

“Deanna sleeps with the blanket every night – she loves it!” – Sharon

“Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did on my son’s sports blanket. Everyone flipped over it! It was such an awesome gift!” – Sue S

“I just wanted to let you know that the boys really loved the camp pillows you made for them!  We had a second visiting day today and they had the pillows on their beds.  One of them had their first session friends sign it, I think he will have second session kids sign the back.  You should market the camp pillows for that purpose!” – Shari

“Thanks Adriana! Tara loves the blanket and sleeps with it every night. She said it makes her dorm room feel more like home! So many people have asked me where I had it made – I gave you glowing recommendations!” – Stacy